Catalan salt cod salad Esqueixada

This is the most basic recipe of the Catalan salt cod salad called Esqueixada. Sometimes it gets enriched with red and green bell peppers. If you can’t find stockfish, it can be easily substituted with fresh cod fish to make a very healthy meal.


1 stockfish

3 bay leaves


4 medium tomatoes

2 medium onions

2 handful of green olives

Olive oil

Wine vinegar

Cooking instructions:

Cut the dried cod fish into pieces that will fit your pot. I used an ax. Then soak it for at least 24 hours, changing the water as often as you can, at least 3 times.

When you are ready to cook the fish, discard the water it was soaked in and replace it with fresh water. Add bay leaf and allspice to the pot and simmer the fish for about 60 minutes. Remove the fish from the pot and let it cool. Then clean the fish; divide the meat from the skin and bones. Try to keep the fillet in larger pieces.

Wash and dice the tomatoes. Peel and slice the onions then divide into rings. Drain and rinse the olives.

Assemble the salad by arranging the ingredients on the plate. Then sprinkle everything with olive oil and wine vinegar.

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