The Art of Pasta Making

by Kasia Ryniak "Francesca"

Taking on the performance in the art of pastamaking, with an MBA title, was hardly understood in my circles; yet the passion and energy I managed to unleash initially at L'Università di Scienze Gastronomiche in Pollenzo in Italy, pushed me into this direction. I found comfort, pleasure and meaning in every step I got to take.

The world of pasta is rich, tasty, beautiful, intriguing and boundless. Its forms and diversity generate endless opportunities to cultivate tradition, as well as to invent spectacular pasta dishes, satisfying the most demanding tastes.

Making pasta is an art not only in a culinary context, but from the visual and cultural perspective. Though it found a friendly ground in Italy, it has its origins in the Far East, and now it is present in some form probably in every enthnic kitchen. Made by hand adds the attribute of unique to each bit of pasta, which enhances this delish expierience without any doubt.

So welcome to my world of pasta. Join me on a journey to discover and create. Each person and each day brings something new into my reality; I hope to share and convey what I discover, for you to follow.


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